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1-3 days from the placement date of the order

About Us

About the company.

Onixbox is a Romanian company set up in 2017 from the passion for everything that means handmade jewelry of impeccable quality. Being passionate about jewelry made of semi-precious stones, leather and metal and motivated by the lack of quality products on the Romanian market, the founder of the company started creating a line of unisex accessories suitable for any occasion and outfit and that addresses the people who want to wear original handmade accessories.

The production

All Onixbox products are handmade in our own workshop in Romania. We pay special attention to the details so that the products marketed meet the requirements of our customers.

Quality control

Out of respect for our customers and because quality is first, we carefully monitor the entire process, starting from materials supply, jewelry production and delivery to you.
- Products are made using raw materials from reliable suppliers from Romania, Europe, Asia and the USA.
- The first stage of quality verification takes place before the raw materials enter the production workshop. The raw materials are carefully checked not to show scratches, cracks or other defects.
- The second quality check step takes place in the production workshop, where any defect is encountered while making jewelery.
- The third step of quality verification is the inspection of the finished product that takes place prior to delivery to the customer. We check the status of the jewelery and the packaging in which it is to be delivered.

All these checks make our products delivered in a very good condition and satisfy the demands of our customers.

Jewelry suited for anyone and any occasion
Onixbox jewels can not be categorized by gender, age, or other criteria. They are simple but sophisticated creations that fit perfectly for anyone in any circumstance
Onixbox jewels can be worn both in sportswear and smart-casual wear, with the vast majority of accessories being unisex